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Books, articles, jounals, novels, magazines and encyclopedias
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Background of the Company

- Turnshop Corp. is a leading publishing house in the US. The company’s headquarter is Atlanta. The company has been publishing books, articles, journals, novel, magazines, and encyclopedias for the past 15 years. The customers of the company include students, IT professionals, and research scholars. The company enjoys a dominant position in the publishing business with 15 retail outlets in all the major cities of the US.

Current System

- At present, the company does not have any Web site. All the competitors of the company already their Web site and many of them are also selling books online. The company is losing its customers to the competitors because an increasing number of people prefer to buy online, without having to visit a retail outlet.

- The company decides to develop a catalog Web site that will showcase all the available titles. The company wants to check the response to the Web site through customer feedback before venturing into e-commerce. In addtion, to expland its business operartions and reach out to people globally, the company plans to venture into e-learning with a mission to develop easy-to-understand online tutorials.

Envisioned System

- To reach out to large customer base, the management of the company has planed to launch a new Web site.

- The management feels that a Web site will provide more public exposure, thereby helping the company to increase its revenue.

- The following specifications have been laid down to design the company’s Web site.
  • The design, the layout, and the navigation of the Web site need to be consistent across all Web pages.*
  • The Web site should contain information on the company’s profile, it mission, and its contact detail.*
  • All the books, journals, magazines, and novels should be displayed according to their catagories, along with their prices. Selecting any book should display review comments and a summary of the book to provide a quick insight to the book’s content to the customers.
  • A customer order form need to be provided to help customers to place their orders online. After the customers place their order, a bill needs to be generated in a new window.*
  • A list of online tutorials need to be provided for students, professionals, and scholars.
  • A feedback form should be included where the customers can give their suggestions.
  • The visitors should be allowed to customize the color settings of their Web pages. When the visitor revisits the Web site, the same display settings should be applied.
  • Add the keywords and descriptions to all the Web pages of the Web site.
  • The Web site needs to be published on the Web server.

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